Top Ten Signs You Might Be Stupid

  1. You still live in Florida.
  2. You believe you see more triangles than 18 in that puzzle even though I told you I am right.
  3. You believe your wife when she goes out at eleven PM to get in line for Walmart for when it opens at 8AM when everyone knows it opens at 7AM and there is no dress code that says she must wear red silk hot pants to stand in line when everyone knows the Walmart color is a PMS 235 C (a blue).
  4. There is no Walmart in your neighborhood.
  5. You are still waiting for your $1,200 stimulus check even though your Amazon account shows a recent purchase of $1,175 silk red hot pants and a matching MAGA cap even though you already own a MAGA cap.
  6. You believe you can still count to 10.



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Giovanni Rodriguez

Giovanni Rodriguez

Writer, amateur blacksmith, future Pope.